SLC Inter Lab - Another affiliated brand of SLC Group.


SLC Group is an enterprise that has been achieved through the dedicated team work of all staff members who work towards the same goal that we intend to provide our clients with "Endless Beauty"

At present, we have grown as a big family with 9 affiliated brands namely SLC Clinic , SLC Plastic Surgery Hospital, iWish Product, Cosdent by SLC, Claire by SLC, Hair Clinique by SLC, Claire Skin, MAAI, WELLTH, and the latest one SLC Inter Lab . And we will never stop improving and developing our company to grow continuously

SLC Inter Lab is established by professional pharmacists and medical doctors with the objective of producing quality cosmeceuticals, skin care products and cosmetics. We produce all quality products under standardized procedures, from research and development, quality control, quality inspection, as well as the product and packaging design, in order to provide high quality and safe products.

SLC Inter Lab offers manufacturing of quality cosmeceuticals, skincare products and cosmetics for both OEM and ODM services.

Let SLC Inter Lab be the pathway to your success as the owner of your desired business.