Several Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil


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Several Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is extracted from the coconut meat. It contains a unique composition of fatty acids including Lauric Acid, which is a medium-chain fatty acid. It is used in beauty products and skin care because of its moisturizing ability and it is similar to the natural oil (sebum) in our skin. 


Moreover, Coconut oil is also a rich source of Vitamin E which is anaturally antioxidant nutrient that plays an important role in skin health by protecting skin cells from oxidative damage, environmental pollution and UV radiation, and it also helps delay the appearance of wrinkles and inhibit melanin synthesis.

Benefits :

  • Provides anti-inflammatory property.

  • Heals scalds.

  • Treats burn wounds.

  • Soothes skin rashes and irritation.

  • Uses as an effective sunscreen.

  • Fades skin discoloration.

With its anti-aging properties, Coconut oil is widely used for skin care and cosmetic products and it is well-suited for deep skin cleansing.

Why does coconut oil separate into 2 layers?

Because of its high content of saturated fatty acids, Coconut Oil will become solid if the temperature is below 25 C. This is really a generalization and has nothing to do with the quality of the oil.

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