SLC Inter Lab – A Research Institute for Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals and All the Way to Production


From the starting point as a leading brand in all-inclusive beauty services, SLC Group is dedicated to establish SLC Inter Lab to serve as a research institute for cosmetics and cosmeceuticals. This research institute was established by specialized pharmacists with the objectives to support the production of customized products in cosmetics and cosmeceuticals for various entrepreneurs. These products range from skin care, personal care and toiletries, hair care, hand and nail care, and all the way to spa products and home ambiance –all of which are manufactured under high quality standards with 9 production processes as follows:

Joint Discussion on New Product Development

1. Joint Discussion on New Product Development

we will receive details of the products that our customers want and we will provide consultations on product development, branding, marketing channels, and cost estimation.

Product Testing

2. Product Testing

After receiving the details of products, we will conduct a research on the cosmetic formula that you have requested. After that, we will provide samples for our customers to test and evaluate the results.

Selection of Satisfactory Products

3. Selection of Satisfactory Products

Conclude the formula for the cosmetics products that you want to proceed with the next step.

Product Design

4. Product Design

We have professional graphic designers who will provide an array of product designs for you to choose from, which include packaging and product labels.

Confirmation of Design

5. Confirmation of Design

conclude and confirm the product design that you want in order to proceed with the next step.

Safety Standard and FDA Registration

6. Safety Standard and FDA Registration

We will proceed with the registration of cosmetic formula after the formula and product design have been concluded.

All-Inclusive Production Process

7. All-Inclusive Production Process

upon the approval from FDA, we will proceed with the production, packaging, and product labelling to be prepared for delivery.

Product Delivery

8. Product Delivery

We can deliver products through every channel according to your preferences, including the factory’s truck, Kerry Express, Nim Si Seng, T B Part, and Thailand Post.

After-Sales Consultation

9. After-Sales Consultation

We are happy to listen to your suggestions and complaints, and collaboratively find a solution to provide the best recommendations for our customers.

Let SLC Inter Lab be the pathway to your success as the owner of your desired business.